Monday, March 15, 2010

YMCA Currach project update 15th March

15th March 2010

Today we went up to fruit of the loom and Corey was putting the thread(rope) around the trestles to keep the Sallies tied to the frame of the boat.

Jason, Lee and Marty all went up to the Fruit of the Loom to capture some new photos of the boat.

Kez was researching photos of other European countries, such as Russian and Scandanavian boats.

The radio piece was broadcast last week on Highland Radio 103.3FM on the Power Hour last wednesday 6th March.

The launch date for the boat is now set to be June 7th so there is plenty of hard work to be done between now and then.

Do keep visiting our blog to see what is happening next.


Jason, Lee, Dylan, Kez and Ryan

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  1. Hi there, I had some pictures sent into me at the Letterkenny Post newspaper and I want to use them this week. However, I need to get the names of the people for the captions.
    Could you ring me at 086 8175194
    Many thanks
    Chris Ashmore
    Letterkenny Post.